Things To Do and See In Stirling, Scotland

Here are a few of the most popular with visitors.

Rosslyn Chapel – Tom Hanks and the Da Vinci Code

Rosslyn Chapel found true fame in the novel by Dan Brown, the Da Vinci Code. This beautiful and mysterious chapel can be found just 7 miles South of Edinburgh and is within easy driving distance from Ace Apartment. Construction of the chapel began in 1446 when the founder Sir William St Clair employed workers to create this magnbificent Gothic building. Work continued for over 40 years until Sir William’s death.

The 15th Century stone work is still in excellent condition to this day and over 100,000 visitors come to the site every year. Why not spend a day at Rosslyn Chapel whilst staying at Ace Apartment? A great opportunity to take some time to absorb the history, folklore and amazing carvings that are on show. A particular highlight is the “Apprentices Pillar”. Legend has it the Master Mason’s apprentice carved the pillar while his Master was away on a long journey. The Master returned and when he saw his apprentice’s fine work, he flew into a jealous rage and killed him. There are many other carvings including one thought to be the heart of Robert The Bruce (of Braveheart fame). Visit the Rosslyn Chapel website

Wallace Monument. A tribute to William Wallace

This imposing structure was completed in 1869 after 8 years of hard labour. The original Victorian Tower with 246 steps stands on the rocky crag of Abbey Craig above a river providing excellent views over the whole of Stirling. An additional building was later erected named the Hall of Heroes, a tribute to Scotlands most famous heroes where more interesting information and sculptures are available. Visit the National Wallace Monument’s website

Battle of Bannockburn

The battle of Bannockburn in 1314 saw Robert the Bruce defeat the English in what was to be the greatest victory in Scotland’s battle for independence. The Bannockburn Experience is situated at the actual battle site and provides full information about this crucial event in Scotland’s history.

Stirling Castle – The Grandest of All Scottish Castles

One of the most spectacular castles in Scotland, Stirling Castle is build on formerly volcanic rock towering above the city.
Stirling castle is open to the public all year round